Robots in Today’s World Jan13


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Robots in Today’s World

With the advancement in the technology, there has been vast improvements in the filed of robotics. Today, many industries are using the robots in their manufacturing facilities and the research. Robots are being used for the high heat welding, continuous handling of the heavy loads and for working in the inhospitable working conditions.

In the medical field, robots are being extensively used for making precise measurements of various chemicals, surgeries and manufacturing facilities. They are also being used for handling the dangerous materials for preventing contamination and danger to the human life.

Engineers are now working for the further advancement in the robotics to expand their range of capabilities and mobility. Many advanced versions of the robots that are in the trial stages can even run, crawl, walk and roll in various terrains. Many robots are capable of hanging, climbing and flight maneuvering capabilities making them useful in various environments. Their use in various military applications is also increasing day by day.

Aside from exploration, modern technology has made it possible to equip them with various sensory gadgets to successfully detect and analyze various objects in their vicinity. They are now being equipped with the GPS, radars and the sonar to enhance their navigation prowess.

As compared to the humans, the robots are quite tough and hard due to their mechanized nature. With the proper supply of fuel, they can work continuously for hours without stopping for rest. Their visual capabilities are being enhanced by using the x-ray and infrared technology.

As robots can be made with the specialized materials to withstand various inhospitable environments, they can be sent to the places like artic regions, volcanoes, and other areas where it is not possible for the humans to go. This can greatly help the scientists in understanding the nature of these regions so as to make them more useful for the human race.